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The office cleaning

A clean workplace is the essence of motivation

of your employees and a contribution to the success of your company.

Glass cleaning, building cleaning and office cleaning
Hamburg, Neu Wulmstorf and surrounding areas:
Hamburg, Neu Wulmstorf, Buxtehude, Seevetal, Horneburg, Winsen,
Geesthach, Harbor City, Harburg,Glinde,Barsbüttel,Rose Garden,
Jork, Kiel, Lübeck, Pinneberg, Finkenwerderand more places!

Maintenance cleaning services

and office cleaning at a glance

Did you know that a clean office can give your customers a good impression of your company when they first walk through your door? A clean and healthy workplace also keeps your employees productive and motivated. Hire us to clean your offices to keep your premises hygienically clean. Our goal is to minimize the use of harmful chemicals while keeping your offices spotlessly clean and hygienic. We also implement the color coding system to avoid cross contamination.  We go the extra mile Unlike other office cleaning companies and also carry out regular discussions with you and our cleaners to ensure your needs and expectations are met throughout the contract period. Our goal is not only to clean your premises, but we also want to build a lasting relationship with all of our customers.

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Cleaning company Hamburg

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Unger Global

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Neckelmannstrasse, Neckelmannstr., Winterhude

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Practice cleaning

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If you are looking for office cleaning for your company that really does what it promises, then you have come to the right place.


Cleanliness is more important today than ever. It's also important to keep everything free of harmful chemicals and bacteria. It must be determined how, where and when to clean and disinfect. We at Hanse Maid Building Service, your office cleaning service, are by far the best cleaning service in Hamburg and the surrounding area, such as Neu Wulmstorf, Buxtehude, Lübeck, Kiel, Bremen and other areas in the beautiful north.

With us everything is flexibly adaptable.

Your office cleaning includes the regular cleaning of all workplaces, work areas, lounges, all work surfaces and used objects, sanitary rooms, stairs and entrance areas. In short: Where there is a high frequency. Depending on the premises and company, the requirements are completely different: the higher the frequency of employees or visitors, the more frequently and more thoroughly these places should be cleaned. We see ourselves as a professional building cleaning service provider and design a tailor-made cleaning plan for each of our clients. This cleaning plan can be adapted at any time as conditions can change.  If some offices are not used intensively at times, e.g. during a pandemic,  Some areas can be left out completely or the cleaning intervals can be increased.

Image by Kinga Kołodziejska


Garbage is created in your company every day. Caused by crumpled paper, packaging material and leftover food.

We dispose of your waste in a recycling-friendly manner.

Clean sink

Cleaning your kitchen and sanitary rooms

We minimize this through our professional and disinfectant cleaning

Risk of your employees becoming infected.

This also makes a contribution to your health.

Box of tissues

hygiene items

toilet paper, hand soap,

Paper towels and disinfectants

are delivered by our cleaning staff and the respective containers are filled.

Cleaning ladies

Cleaning: Yes, but gently!

Our trained staff have years of experience and are well trained and familiar with our cleaning products. Each surface is gently cleaned with the appropriate cleaning products.

Vacuum cleaner

Cleaning your floors, no matter what type

The tools we use to clean your floors are highly specialized devices that professionally clean any type of floor and give it a new shine.

Cleaning Windows

Glass cleaning | Window cleaning

A clear view is important not in your professional life, but also when you look out the window. We ensure a clear view so that you can concentrate on the core of your work.

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