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For good reason: construction cleaning with us: Hanse Maid Building Service

The interim construction cleaning or the final cleaning of your building is generally an essential topic, but also an important topic during construction. Professional construction cleaning by our specialist staff who know your specialist area just as much as they know your building plans.


In coordination with you and the construction management on site, we will arrange for you the interim construction cleaning or final cleaning to be provided in the individual sections. Your construction site is no longer a construction site until we have completed our work. We would be happy to create an individual strategy for the final cleaning of your property.


Special work is also part of our construction cleaning service portfolio - for example the removal of packaging materials or the  Elimination of stickers. You can rely on our services at any time.


We look forward to your inquiry and will be happy to make you an individual offer. If requested, we will carry out interim construction cleaning and at the same time lay covering fleece on the sensitive new floors, thereby protecting your floors from small stones brought in by the construction site employees.

The interim construction cleaning is a rough construction cleaning. Interim construction cleaning involves mopping and vacuuming using a broom and vacuum cleaner. Window frames cleaned of construction dirt and all rubbish lying around removed. Intermediate construction cleaning also has a psychological effect because, in our experience, construction workers then try to be more careful.

At the end, when the construction work is finished, we come with the final cleaning. During the final construction cleaning, your property is freed of any remaining coarse dirt and the whole thing is rounded off with the subsequent fine construction cleaning. During the construction detailed cleaning, every speck of dust imaginable is removed, the windows are cleaned, the recesses of the windows, the floor, lights, doors and door frames, all surfaces, toilets, stairs and everything that has a surface that needs to be cleaned can.


And: It also makes the building owner happy.

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