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The most important thing in life is health

The gym cleaning

To stay healthy, you have to be fit. To stay fit, you have to go to the gym. This is what all health-conscious people do these days. On weekdays or  On weekends, people take time out of their busy schedules and spend 1 or 2 hours in the gym. As an owner, it is your job to maintain contact with your members and provide them with a good atmosphere and a clean gym. And as a cleaning company it is the job of:

Hanse Maid building cleaningfor you and your members to keep your gym clean and tidy.

The first question you can ask yourself is why you should choose us. At theHanse Maid building cleaning we take our work very seriously. We have the best cleaning professionals for every area, they are fully trained and know what is important when cleaning a gym. We use environmentally friendly materials and cleaning products to remove all dirt and grime from your gym.

Here is our professional approach to cleaning your gym:

  • Cleaning the training equipment - We dust and clean the training equipment and wipe off any dirt.

  • Refreshing Air - The atmosphere in a gym suffers from the sweat of athletes. We have the perfect tools to almost neutralize the smell of sweat so your members feel comfortable in your studio.

  • For every member, showering after training is a MUST. That's why showers often suffer from soap residue, unpleasant smells and other dirt. We theHanse Maid building cleaning take this task into your own hands so that your members continue to enjoy coming to you.

  • Every gym has windows. These must always offer a clear view! Any pollution, especially when the sun is shining, reflects your passion for sport for your member. We clean your windows and create a clear view so that your members feel comfortable and continue training hard.

  • The toilets are often ignored, but they are a showcase for the overall cleanliness in your studio. Every day we make one of your fitness studio's most important flagships shine.

  • Of course, keeping all types of floors clean is an integral part of daily cleaning.

  • Disinfect and avoid infections! The entire gym is used by theHanse Maid building cleaningstrongly recommended to disinfect the training areas! We disinfect the training equipment for you using environmentally friendly means and leave it fresh and immaculate.

Your Hanse Maid building cleaning Hamburg 

Your Hanse Maid building cleaning New Wulmstorf

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