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The basic cleaning

What is basic cleaning?

The basic cleaning

What does it mean?

Does your floor coverings no longer show the desired cleanliness with normal care and is a basic cleaning by HAMAG Service (Hanse Maid Building Service) recommended?


We will explain to you what effect restoration has and when it is appropriate.

Importance of basic cleaning: During basic cleaning, adhering dirt, residues and/or worn care films are removed that affect the appearance of the floor covering. Basic cleaning does not take place regularly, but rather at longer intervals.

Aim of basic cleaning: After basic cleaning, the floor covering is free of all stubborn dirt and residue. The surfaces should be free of streaks and stains, as far as this is possible using the latest technology. In a second step, most floor coverings must be carefully treated with a tailored care product after restoration.

Basic cleaning, also known as intensive cleaning, can also be used on textile floor coverings and in sanitary rooms. They are either firmly anchored in the cleaning plan or are carried out as a special measure as needed.

During a basic cleaning, the floor covering is first treated extremely thoroughly and usually mechanically with a basic cleaner specially developed for the floor covering and the level of dirt. Areas, grooves or angles that are difficult to access by machine are processed manually. The floor covering is then freshly treated to achieve a renewed appearance and meet the requirements again.

Basic cleaning and cleanliness of the lounge after basic cleaningParticularly heavily used and stressed floor coverings in kindergartens, food processing areas, industrial halls or hospitals require regular basic cleaning by HAMAG Service. This not only preserves the value and ensures special care and a longer lifespan of the floor covering, but also creates the conditions for maximum hygiene and freedom from germs in these demanding areas.


Our goal: extending the basic cleaning intervals


Our result-oriented maintenance cleaning strives to extend the intervals between the necessary basic cleaning by HAMAG Service. Compared to regular care, basic cleaning is more labor-intensive and therefore more expensive.

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