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Practice cleaning

Keeping patients happy and healthy starts the moment they walk through your door. It continues while they sit in the waiting room until the rounds in the examination room. Ensuring that your practice is clean and well-maintained is a crucial element in making your patients feel comfortable with you. Disinfecting invisible germs plays a crucial and central role here.

At the  daily cleaning and disinfection of your practice by the 

Hanse Maid building cleaningSpecial cleaning agents are used that not only give your practice a new shine. appear, but also remove 99 percent of all germs in the waiting area and at reception.

Cleaning a practice goes far beyond cleaning a normal office and its appearance. Dangerous germs pose a threat to your patients and your employees. Patients shouldn't get sicker than they were before and that's why you should work with professionals like themHanse Maid building cleaning work. Our employees are well trained by us for the special cleaning of a practice.

Contact us today for a non-binding and personal on-site appointment. We will be happy to advise you and make you an offer with a good price/performance ratio.

Your Hanse Maid building cleaning Hamburg 

Your Hanse Maid building cleaning New Wulmstorf

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