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The staircase is the business card of your building!

The stairwell cleaning

The cleanliness of a stairwell reflects the soul of a building. Property owners or tenants often lack time for cleaning. With regular stairwell cleanings by our experienced cleaning staff, we ensure that your building's flagship area is clean, namely your staircase and entrance area!

Cleaning your stairwell can include the following services:

  • Weekly damp wiping of the stairwell and handrail

  • Cleaning of the mailboxes and letterboxes and the entrance area

  • monthly cleaning of the basement stairs and the basement corridor

  • Cleaning the elevator

  • Cleaning the stairwell windows

  • Cleaning the canopy

Cleaning takes place on a day of the week specified by you. We have one of your tenants sign up for the weekly work, for the record. In this way, we create complete transparency for everyone involved.

Professional stairwell cleaning improves the value of your property and leads to satisfied tenants.


Contact us for a tailor-made offer that is completely tailored to your needs.

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