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The maintenance cleaning

What does maintenance cleaning include?

What does regular maintenance cleaning by HAMAG Service (Hanse Maid building) include?

At the beginning of a maintenance cleaning, the building cleaning department, in collaboration with the responsible property manager from HAMAG Service, first inspects the rooms to be cleaned in order to create a suitable cleaning plan for the cleaning staff. Factors such as room size, floor covering and the number of toilets play a crucial role. As already mentioned, the spectrum of maintenance cleaning extends from office cleaning to thorough carpet cleaning. Additional tasks such as window and door cleaning or specific activities such as removing cobwebs can be added as required. The exact services are determined by the type and use of the premises as well as the individual requirements and wishes of the customer. For example, a toilet used by 100 people requires more frequent cleaning intervals than one used by only 5 people.

After developing the cleaning plan and determining the cleaning intervals, an example of a typical maintenance cleaning by HAMAG Service could look like this:

  • Waste disposal: The HAMAG Service cleaning staff first removes the waste and takes the garbage bags out of the trash cans.

  • Vacuum cleaning: The HAMAG Service cleaning staff vacuums the rooms and removes dust from the floors.

  • Surface cleaning: All surfaces such as tables, desks, shelves and work surfaces are then cleaned with a damp cloth and then wiped dry.

  • Cleaning of sanitary facilities: The HAMAG Service cleaner cleans the sanitary facilities such as toilets, sinks and mirrors with suitable cleaning products and ensures that they are clean and hygienic.

  • Floor cleaning: Finally, the floor is wiped with a suitable cleaning agent from HAMAG Service to remove any remaining dirt and dust.

As a rule, maintenance cleaning by HAMAG Service proceeds as follows: The cleaning service appears at regular intervals (e.g. daily, weekly or monthly) at the agreed time and carries out the cleaning work according to the individual cleaning plan. The exact tasks and the cleaning supplies and equipment required are determined in advance. After the cleaning has been completed, the HAMAG Service property manager checks the result and ensures that all work was carried out to the customer's satisfaction.

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