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The final construction cleaning

What is final construction cleaning?

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WWhat is construction cleaning?

Regardless of whether it is a new building, conversion or renovation, construction sites in Hamburg and the surrounding area are characterized by a variety of contamination.


After construction work has been completed, it is crucial to remove dust, dirt, construction rubble and rubbish quickly and thoroughly. In this context, final construction cleaning by HAMAG Service (Hanse Maid Building Service) comes into play, often also referred to as final construction or construction cleaning.


But what does final building cleaning actually include?

In simple terms, post-construction cleaning is the cleaning that is carried out after the work is completed. “The main goal of the final construction cleaning by HAMAG Service is to optimally prepare the newly built, renovated or renovated building for moving in,” explains Ms. Peters, property manager at HAMAG Service.


“Alternative names for final construction cleaning are final construction cleaning and final construction cleaning.”


As a final, extremely thorough cleaning measure, the purpose of the final construction cleaning by HAMAG Service is to bring residential and commercial properties into a ready-to-move-in condition.

The tasks carried out include, for example, the removal of construction dust, paint and varnish splatters, excess joint compound, labels and protective films, streaks and water stains as well as cement and mortar residues from all surfaces, walls, floors and windows. It also includes thorough cleaning of all sanitary facilities, doors, strips, sockets and light switches. Particularly in Neu Wulmstorf, Hamburg and the surrounding area, final construction cleaning by HAMAG Service proves to be a crucial step in completing construction projects and optimally preparing premises.

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