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Our services at a glance

A clean workplace is the essence of motivation

of your employees and a contribution to the success of your company.

Glass cleaning, building cleaning and office cleaning
Hamburg, Neu Wulmstorf and surrounding areas:
Hamburg, Neu Wulmstorf, Buxtehude, Seevetal, Horneburg, Winsen,
Geesthach, Harbor City, Harburg,Glinde,Barsbüttel,Rose Garden,
Jork, Kiel, Lübeck, Pinneberg, Finkenwerderand more places!

  Cleaning in all rooms

- Removing loose and visible ones          

  Coarse dirt on the floors

- Vacuuming textile floor coverings

- Wet mopping of hard floor coverings

- Emptying residual waste containers as well

  Restocking with trash bags

- Removing visible grip marks on doors,

  Cabinets, door handles, light switches

- Removal of visible grip marks

  Interior glass elements in the handle area (glass doors,

  glass tables)

- Wipe down everything that has been cleared with a damp cloth

  Surfaces (e.g. desks)

- Wipe window sills with a damp cloth

- If necessary, moist dust removal from accessible areas

  Radiators, skirting boards

- Remove cobwebs if necessary

Additional cleaning

in the sanitary area

- Mopping the tiled floors

  Sanitary area


- Cleaning the fittings, as well

  Ceramic surfaces (sinks, toilets

  Basins and urinals) 

- Wet cleaning of mirrors and shelves

  Replenishing soap and

  Towel dispensers and toilet paper

- Wet cleaning of soap and

  towel dispensers

- Monthly cleaning of tiles, doors

  and partition walls in the sanitary area

  1.80 meters

- Cleaning wall tiles in

  Spray area (immediately around

  Washbasin, urinal
  and toilet)

Additional cleaning in tea kitchens

and break rooms

- Removal of dirt

  Kitchen cabinets from outside to

  1.80 meters 

- Wet cleaning of everythingWork surfaces


-Replenishing soap and

  towel dispensers

- Cleaning tiles, doors and

  Partitions up to 1.80 meters

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